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collin (aka initinfosec) is still somewhat early in his career in IT & IT security. He graduated with a degree in information technology, with a focus in systems administration, and began his tech career doing tech support and systems administration in mixed windows and NIX environments. After some time in his first role, initinfosec moved into the Identity & Access Management (IAM) space to gain a more security focus in his work. When starting this IAM role, he obtained his Security+.

After time in the IAM space, initinfosec transitioned to a cybersecurity engineer role, where he was a bit of a security generalist. During his time in this role, he focused largely on risk management, security advisement, and vulnerability scanning. While in this role he also obtained his CISSP and performed other various duties. He currently works in a SOC/DFIR capacity.


initinfosec’s technical/security interests include: DFIR, blue, red, and purple teams (both tools & technicques & philosophies), DR, devsecops, security philosophy, and how security fits in/interacts with organizations as a whole.


When collin is not thinking about security or in front of a screen, he enjoys music and the outdoors, among other things.

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