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_init infosec

Welcome to my personal infosec blog! Here you will find my thoughts on technology, security, and various related topics. Caveat emptor, I am sill relatively new to the infosec field. Nonetheless, I wanted to create this blog for a view reasons:

  • as a way to keep myself on-track & accountable for learning progress
  • to hopefully provide some value-add or new knowledge
    • to newcomers by sharing knowledge & perspective I’ve gained in my studies
    • to peers & more seasoned professionals by providing an additional perspective
  • to be better about sharing & articulating my thoughts


Again, this will not be the writings of some seasoned, grizzled professional with 3 decades of experience under his or her belt; nevertheless, I hope it will provide some value or interest to you, and perhaps give you something to learn or think about.

At this time, I am not committing to any kind of regular upload/writing schedule, but I will make an effort to publish new content every now and then.

I am aiming for this blog to at some point contain articles on the following:

  • thoughts on security & technology news
  • thoughts on security philosophy, and how security fits in with orgs
  • documentation of study progress, cert study plans and reviews
  • walkthroughs and/or writeups (e.g. CTF/boot2root writeups)
  • security and/or technical concepts attempted to be explained at an approachable level
  • book reviews (mostly related to security, tech, and business
  • various other odds & ends


I suppose the only thing left would be to explain how the name initinfosec was chosen. In NIX operating systems, init (short for initialization) is the first process the system executes when starting up, which brings up other processes as part of bringing the OS to full runtime.

The idea behind the name, is to express two ideas:

  • marking my journey as I started into infosec, and documenting the progress along the way as I progress
  • the idea that security itself must start from the beginning, initialization phase of any org or project. Security cannot be an afterthought, but must be baked into the org and/or project.


I will likely at some point add some disqus functionality for more interactive discussion, but if you would like to engage in dialogue, or clarify/correct me on anything I may have erred on, feel free to contact me via email.

I suppose that’s all for now. For those of you that have or will read this, I thank you, and hope that this site & content will at least provide a modicum of value/interest to you.


all the best, ~initinfosec

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